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Pool Design
DESIGN 431: Advanced Color Theory

Learning Objectives

  • Execute advanced painting exercises to train your eyes on color and undertones.
  • Interpret visual perception and color psychology .
  • Define color meaning and identify cultural references.
  • Apply real-life application of color theory.
  • Discuss the impact of color on marketing and branding.


Looking to take your color knowledge beyond your eyes. This course is the next step in assessing the world of color. Dive deeper into the world of visual perception and how color psychology affects our thoughts, what are the meanings of color and how does it affect our culture. Expand your painting techniques to train your eye to color and its tone. Students will be required to provide a project and synopsis before class; all projects will be kept anonymous.

Time/ Credits

16:00 hrs

Instructor Feras Irikat

Feras Irikat


  • Pre-requisite: DESIGN 231: Color Theory and Its Application