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Pool Engineering
ENGINEERING 102: Best Practices for Soil Design and Engineering

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss soil mechanics, bearing capacity, lateral pressures, compaction, settlement, differential settlement.
  • Explain soils report requirements and interpretation.
  • Examine code requirements and best practices for soil design and engineering.
  • Compare excavation, trenching, shoring, and other construction considerations.


Geology is the foundation of every structure. Prior to structural design and engineering, it is imperative that a geologist or soils engineer provide criteria and recommendations to address issues such as bearing capacity and lateral loads. This module explains the role of geotechnical science and the implications of ignoring issues such as settlement, differential settlement, expansive soils, corrosive soils, liquefaction, slip-planes, seismology, and other problems. Consolidation, soil stabilization, and other advanced forms of soil preparation are discussed in ENGINEERING 302: Soil Stabilization.

Time/ Credits

1:75 hrs

Instructor TBA


  • Module of C201