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Pool Engineering
ENGINEERING 104: Electrical

Learning Objectives

  • Examine voltage, current, frequency, single-phase, three-phase power, variable frequency drives.
  • Identify electrical design, conduit, wire, and breaker sizing.
  • Examine code requirements of NEC Articles 680 and 682.
  • Discuss equipotential bonding, grounding.


Safety is complicated but paramount in and around water. Inadequate grounding or bonding will create potentially deadly shock hazards while undersized conduits, wire, or branch-circuit protection cause fire. The electrical engineering module explains the key parameters for basic electrical design and details for equipotential bonding and other construction details. Particular attention is given to the long list of requirements established in Articles 680 and 682 of the National Electric Code.

Time/ Credits

2:00 hrs

Instructor TBA


  • Module of C201