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Pool Engineering
ENGINEERING 111: Introduction to Pool Hydraulics and Plumbing

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the basic physics of water including pressure, flow, velocity, energy, and how these parameters are used to design mechanical systems.
  • Explain how simple charts and graphs can be used to size plumbing and equipment.
  • Explain efficient ways to design and plumb pools, spas, and water features.
  • List the details to successful plumbing installation that will keep the equipment pad layout accurate and straight.


Hydraulic engineering cannot be explained in 4 hours and neither can proper plumbing methods. However, this program provides a good start by providing an overview of the design and engineering process as well as a good list of best practices for everything from layout to assembly to pressure testing. It is not a prerequisite for E101, E211, or E311 but it does combine some elements of all three programs to provide an excellent introduction to pool hydraulics and plumbing.

Time/ Credits

4:00 hrs

Instructor SWD