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Pool Engineering
ENGINEERING 171: Basic Pool Chemistry and Stain Control

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss basic pool chemistry.
  • Identify stains and the factors that cause them.
  • Discuss stain removal and water chemistry adjustments.
  • List ways to prevent stains.


Whether you are a service professional or a retailer trying to help a desperate customer, you will undoubtedly be challenged by an environmental issue that causes staining in a pool. It could be caused by the normal water chemistry being out of balance so this program starts with the basics and then focuses on several stain identification, removal, and prevention measures.

Time/ Credits

3:00 hrs


Randy Dukes

Technical Sales Director, CL Industries, Inc. in Orlando, FL
(727) 595-6509

  • Author of Pool Surfaces, Problems, and Solutions, now in its 7th edition
Randy Dukes

Dukes is regarded as one of the foremost authorities in the pool plaster industry relating to deterioration, discoloration, and staining phenomenon that are commonly associated with cement-based pool coatings. He has served as a moderator and keynote speaker for many of the National Plasterers Conventions starting in 1992 and has instructed courses on "The Science of Cementitious Pool Finishes, Startups, and Maintenance." Dukes has spent a considerable amount of time traveling throughout the U.S. researching and identifying pool surface problems and their relationship to application, water chemistry, and chemical abuse.