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Pool Engineering
ENGINEERING 201: State-of-the-Art Spa Details

Learning Objectives

  • Identify state-of-the art details for fittings, light fixtures, safety, and comfort for in-ground concrete spas.
  • Discuss advanced details for coping, tile, spillways, edges, gutters, and perimeter overflows.
  • Analyze detailed calculations for filtration and jet system Total Dynamic Head.
  • Identify structural considerations for rebar placement and spacing that allows for large diameter plumbing.


If you want to build concrete spas that really separate you from the competition, this class will inspire you with several unique details. Construction photos and CAD images illustrate the solutions and calculations for TDH will have you sizing the plumbing and pumps correctly. If you’ve ever been told that you can’t overflow directly to a slot or vanishing edge, this program will show you the secrets to making it work without the risk of draining the pool into the basin.

Time/ Credits

3:00 hrs

Instructor TBA