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Pool Engineering
ENGINEERING 211: Basic Fluid Engineering

Learning Objectives

  • Identify physics of water: area, depth, volume, mass, pressure, velocity, flow rate, energy, and others.
  • Discuss and apply the basic principles, code limitations, and rules-of-thumb to hydraulic design to ensure performance and improve safety, energy conservation, and life of the system.
  • Calculate WatershapeAdvisor® series of software worksheets, including QuickSizer for rapid pipe size selection. Also calculate Total Dynamic Head (TDH), compute electrical, and gas heating operating costs.
  • Perform the complete analysis of a basic pool and spa combination with a water feature as a class project.


Every watershape requires at least a basic understanding of the hydraulic principles that make it work. This program provides a detailed foundation of understanding that enables the students to design better hydraulic systems. The software worksheets alone are invaluable. There is a detailed project worth 50% plus an online exam worth 50% of the passing score. This program is required for the SWD certification and it is a prerequisite for ENGINEERING 311: Advanced Fluid Engineering.

Time/ Credits

16:00 hrs
DBPR/CILB-FL (#0612788 – 16 hours)

Instructor SWD


  • Required for GENESIS® Graduate