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Pool Engineering
ENGINEERING 221: Advanced Water Purification Technologies

Learning Objectives

  • Describe chlorine, ozone, and ultraviolet sterilization technologies for the watershaping industry.
  • List facts and fallacies of alternative water purification technologies.
  • Outline a strategy for properly sizing ozone generators, injectors, contact tanks, and other components.
  • Discuss how to market, value, and sell advanced water treatment systems.


Long after the pool is built and the excitement of this beautiful new addition to their home is completed the client is left with one on-going issue: water quality. No matter how beautiful the water feature is, if the water quality is poor the experience is greatly diminished. Learn how to improve water quality and prevent recreational water illnesses while simultaneously reducing the chlorine and pH chemicals in the water. Provide your client with the best possible water quality for a long-term satisfied customer.

Time/ Credits

1 hour


Cameron Tapp

President and Founder of ClearWater Tech, LLC
San Luis Obispo, CA
(800) 262-0203

  • Chairman of Water Quality Association Ozone Task Force, Chairman of the IOA Air Treatment Task Force, Board Member of the International Ozone Association Board of Directors
  • Established NSF/ANSI Standard 222, the accepted industry standard for measuring ozone output from generating equipment.
  • Co-Author of Use of Ozone in Food Industries, Ozone Laundry Handbook, and countless articles in industry trade journals.
Cameron Tapp

ClearWater Tech, a division of Pentair is a manufacturer of ozone generation systems for water and air purification. Tapp founded the company in January of 1986. ClearWater Tech employs over forty personnel and serves a variety of markets including pools, spas, and water features, agri-food, aquaculture, aquariums and zoos, beverage and bottled water, indoor air quality, commercial laundry, process fluids, and problem drinking water. ClearWater Tech manufactures a line of more than fifty different models of ozone generators and related products. Tapp continues to actively manage all aspects of the business, paying particular attention to new product development and new market opportunities. With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing ozone generation equipment, Cameron is a well-respected leader, author, and speaker in the industry.

Tim Chew

Pool/Spa Market Manager for ClearWater Tech, LLC
San Luis Obispo, CA
(800) 262-0203

  • B.S. Finance, Santa Clara University
  • Member of World Waterpark Association, International Ozone Association, and Water Quality Association.
Tim Chew

Chew started at ClearWater Tech in 2005 as an Account Executive, managing several customers in various applications of ozone. Prior to joining CWT, he was in the Management Trainee Program with American Golf Corporation, where he took a General Manager position at multiple Las Vegas area golf courses. After 8 years, he returned to his hometown of San Luis Obispo, quickly joining the CWT family. Chew continues to lead sales in all aspects of the business, paying particular attention to the Pool Market. Over the 8 years with CWT, Tim has worked with designers, builders, service technicians, and all related pool industry people, with complete understanding of the pool application.