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Pool Engineering
ENGINEERING 271: Certified Pool- Spa Operator® (CPO) Basic Course

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss certification program and exam for any professional who helps maintain aquatic facilities.
  • Recognize pathogens, chemistry, oxidation, sanitization, disinfection, pH, Langelier Saturation Index, and alternative systems.
  • Identify filtration, skimmers, gutters, suction outlets, and equipment function.
  • Discuss maintenance, problems and solutions.


The Certified Pool-Spa Operator (CPO) program is the leading education and certification program for aquatic facility maintenance personnel, health officials, retailers, property owners, and other professionals. Learn about details from mechanical to chemical concerns and safety issues from suction entrapments to healthy water. This program is a requirement of the Service Professional certification.

Time/ Credits

6:00 hrs

Instructor TBA