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Pool Engineering
ENGINEERING 312: Understanding Water Current

Learning Objectives

  • Review suction outlet details and flow rates.
  • Develop target areas to maximize water motion.
  • Discuss water current options.
  • Analyze horsepower requirements.


Whether working with a lazy river, wave pool or water park attractions, developing and working with water current can be a daunting task. Finding the proper amount of pressure, maximizing flow rates, utilizing safety grates all while maintaining water efficiency is vital in today’s growing market of commercial pool applications. This program will take you through the in-depth process and increase your understanding of water current.

Time/ Credits

1:75 hrs


Terry Brannon, P.E.
GENESIS® Engineering Faculty Advisor

Founder-Emeritus of The Brannon Corporation in Tyler, TX
(903) 597-2122

  • B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Specializes in water conveyance and treatment, aquatics, hydraulic and structural engineering
  • GENESIS® Engineering Faculty Advisor
Terry Brannon, P.E.

Brannon began his career in public works, beginning with the Cities of Irving and Tyler, Texas before founding The Brannon Corporation. He continues to specialize in public works projects, but the firm has carved out an aquatic niche using their expertise in water conveyance and treatment and structural design. Brannon is registered in 23 states as a licensed professional engineer. Now in semi-retirement from the engineering consulting business. 50 years total in engineering and 40 years in aquatics, he keeps himself busy sharing his experiences by writing and training engineers and contractors in the design and construction of aquatic facilities from public fountains, to splash pads, water parks, competition venues, lakes and streams, and private pools. He continues as a consultant to various construction management companies, hotels and resorts, municipalities, and branches of the U.S. Department of Defense.

Peter Davidson

President of Current Systems, Inc. in Ventura, CA
(866) 372-8886

Peter Davidson

Davidson started his testing with a plywood test tank in a carport in Malibu, Calif. and resulted in two test pattern pumping systems that were patented in the 1980’s and have become the forerunners of today’s Riverflow Pump System. Over the years, Davidson has developed various nozzles, manifolds, suction grates and sumps, designed to deliver optimum flow capacities safely. Davidson’s pursuit has been focused on highvolume rather than high-pressure as a means to provide appropriate current for a variety of applications. Current Systems, Inc. also pioneered the introduction of variable frequency drives in the swimming pool industry.

Philip de Tournillon

Owner of Riverflow Pools in Hallandale Beach, Fl
(954) 889-0311

Philip de Tournillon

Phil de Tournillon is the owner of Riverflow Pools, affiliated with Current Systems, Inc. Phil, a 30+ year veteran of the construction industry, has been consulting on pool design, supplying and implementing the Riverflow System throughout the United States and Internationally for more than 20 years. His passion for the pool and spa industry stems from his vast experience and believes that all water needs current, not only for health and enjoyment, but bringing “Fun to Water.”