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Pool Engineering
ENGINEERING 341: Submerged Lighting

Learning Objectives

  • Explain luminous intensity, color temperature, lens angles and other physical parameters of submerged lighting.
  • Review usage of watts, lumens, Lux, candelas, foot-candles, and other metrics to size and quantify the number of lights.
  • Review codes for both illumination and electrical safety.
  • Illustrate practical examples for submerged lighting design.


Lighting has changed dramatically in the last few years. When 99% of pools used incandescent lighting it was easy to use “watts per square foot” as a common metric for lighting design. However, LED technology has made that method obsolete and the new technologies have solved old problems like power consumption and large size but introduced new concerns such as color temperature and luminous intensity. This program will give you the tools to design better submerged lighting with a new set of design parameters and product specifications.

Time/ Credits

1:50 hrs

Instructor Steve Gutai

Steve Gutai