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Pool Engineering
ENGINEERING 402: Difficult Sites - Technically Demanding Projects and Cast-in-Place Concrete

Learning Objectives

  • List advantages and disadvantages of using cast-in-place concrete for watershapes.
  • Understand how the sequence of construction relates to the design and engineering details for things, such as reinforcing, forming, cold joints, waterstops, and appurtenances.
  • Review difficult projects including cantilevers, suspended pools, posttension systems, acrylic windows, and moveable floors.
  • Discuss concrete mix design specific to cast-in-place watershapes.


Although shotcrete is the preferred method of concrete placement for most watershapes, some projects are better suited for traditional form and pour operations. This is often the case when exacting tolerances are required for details such as acrylic windows and moveable floors. When a project calls for cast-in-place concrete, this is primarily a construction-related issue but it requires different detailing and analysis by the engineer-of-record. This program should help you understand when cast-in-place is appropriate and the importance of the engineer’s role in construction of these projects.

Time/ Credits

1:50 hrs

Instructor TBA