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Pool Engineering
ENGINEERING 406: The Technical Aspects of Shotcrete

Learning Objectives

  • Review the mixing of chemistry contents with shotcrete vs cast in place.
  • Discuss structural engineering components– reinforcement, placement, and designed locations and define how structural engineering affects shotcrete.
  • Identify resulting material performance of in-situ materials in the plastic form and hardened form.
  • List cracking – types, definitions and why they occur.
  • Recognize petrographic analysis of placement and performance.
  • Review ACI 506, ASA Position Papers – what every engineer should know about shotcrete.


Performance of concrete via the shotcrete process is predicated on its design and engineering prior to actual applications. This presentation focuses on pre placement specifications of what a shotcrete pool shell is and is not. Understanding or expectations of a newly installed pool are predetermined based off of sound principles used by a qualified shotcrete specifier and/or qualified engineer. In addition, problems arising from improper engineering or specifications as well as improper placement techniques will be highlighted.

Time/ Credits

1:50 hrs

Instructor TBA