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Pool Service
SERVICE 206: Hand and Power Tools

Learning Objectives

  • Identify general hazards associated with hand and power tool use, and the safety practices that will prevent these hazards.
  • Identify appropriate safety practices for electrical equipment.
  • Recognize safety requirements for operator controls and guards.
  • Identify appropriate safety practices for hand (manually-powered) tools.
  • Identify safety requirements for using portable abrasive wheel tools.
  • Identify appropriate safety practices for hydraulic and pneumatic tools.
  • Identify proper use of liquid-fueled and powder-actuated tools.
  • Recognize when tools must be inspected, and what actions to take if damage is found.


Each employee using hand and power tools will recognize definitions and types of portable tools, the potential hazards connected with their use, including manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, liquid-fueled, powder-actuated, and abrasive wheel tools, and will demonstrate the proper procedures required for each type of tool.