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Pool Service
SERVICE 253: Pool Operator Primer™ (POP)
S253E: Pool Operator Primer™ (POP) (español)
S253M: Pool Operator Primer™ (POP) (metric)
S253EM: Pool Operator Primer™ (POP) (español metric) newly updated!

Learning Objectives

  • Identify code requirements.
  • Understand inspection, operation, and maintenance procedures.
  • Recognize components of a circulation system.
  • Understand the purpose of the pool and spa safety act.
  • Identify spa regulations.
  • Understand recreational water illness treatment and prevention.
  • Identify the cause and treatment of water problems.
  • Recognize the unique qualities and care of aquatic play features.
  • Discuss vessel design and renovation.
  • Demonstrate understanding of standards and their application to residential pools and spas.


This dynamic program for pool operators, service technicians, facility managers and environmental health officials is a great stand-alone eight-lesson online training course or it can be the first step toward earning a Certified Pool/ Spa Operator® (CPO®) Certification. Understanding fundamentals of pool and spa operation and safety reduces risk, decreases liability, and creates value for customers. Successful completion of all eight lessons earns a Record of Completion.