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Pool Service
SERVICE 305: Forklift Operator

Learning Objectives

  • Identify forklift types, differences, and key features.
  • Identify the center of gravity, the ‘stability triangle’, and weight restrictions and load limits.
  • List the correct steps and practices in picking up and setting down a load.
  • Recognize conditions that could be hazardous for forklift operation.
  • Identify safe practices for working around pedestrians and docks.
  • Recognize general rules for safe operation.
  • Identify the correct response to a tip-over accident.
  • Identify which equipment must be inspected and the correct procedure for inspection.
  • Recognize how to resolve equipment problems.
  • Identify the precautions that must be taken to avoid refueling hazards associated with battery, propane, and gasoline or diesel forklift.


Learners will demonstrate awareness of safe forklift operation principles by identifying basic key features on the lift, recognizing the technical components of forklift operation, listing safe load handling and driving practices, stating general safety rules, and inspecting and maintaining lift equipment.