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Pool Service
SERVICE 321: Introduction to Advanced Pool Filtration

Learning Objectives

  • Review the mechanism by which different pool filters remove particles and pathogens from pool water.
  • Identify techniques to improve the performance of pool filters.
  • List common mistakes that lead to filtration failures.
  • Calculate the percent removal of particles/pathogens over time in a swimming pool system.
  • Analyze existing pool code requirements for filtration systems.


This course will provide an overview of how sand and precoat (DE) filters work at the microscopic scale and extend these concepts into performance expectations in full-scale aquatic venues.  Information will be provided on how to improve (and sustain) the performance of each type of filter.  Guidelines will be provided on how to avoid common mistakes in designing new filtration systems and comply with current and future pool code requirements.  Finally, discuss the role of the filter in the overall recirculation system regarding particle/ pathogen removal.

Time/ Credits

1:50 hrs 0.2 IACET CEUs

James Amburgey

James Amburgey PHD