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Pool Service
SERVICE 406: Electrical Safety Work Practices and Standards (NFPA)

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the background and history of the regulations and guidelines for electrical safety in the workplace.
  • Identify the regulations that cover electrical work and the safety training requirements to protect employees.
  • Identify the types of injuries associated with electrical work.
  • Identify approach hazards associated with electrical energy including the potential for shock and electrocution.
  • Identify the purpose of approach boundaries for working near and around exposed live parts.
  • Identify arc flash and arc blast hazards associated with electrical energy.
  • Identify the electrical safety related work practices and procedures necessary to provide protection from the electrical hazards associated with jobs or tasks.


The goal of this training is to make students aware of the risks associated with electrical energy and to provide instruction on safe work practices and related guidelines and procedures they can follow to protect themselves from injury due to electrical shock and arc flash. This course also covers Article 680 of the NFPA code which deals with swimming pools and spas.