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Pool Service
SERVICE 408: Aquatic Facility Audits

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding an AFA, objectives and types of audits.
  • Audit planning.
  • Inspecting the work area and work practices.
  • Completing the audit report.
  • Aquatic audits, around the pool, in the pool, pump room and storage areas and spa facilities.
  • Aquatic play features.
  • Facility records, audit forms and employees.
  • On-site lifeguard operations audit individual lifeguard skills testing checklist.


This course helps managers, operators, and service professionals view the facilities they operate with a fresh eye focused on reducing risk. The course includes a copy of the Aquatic Facility Audits handbook and educates people about why safety audits are important and how to actually plan and conduct a safety audit. The course also teaches how to formulate corrective action, write audit reports, and conduct follow-ups to ensure the desired corrective actions are taken.