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BUSINESS 402: The Art in Closing More Deals – Rethinking the Sales Process

Learning Objectives

  • Define Psychographics – the key to understanding today’s consumer behavior.
  • Discuss the concept - don’t sell – instead, help your client buy a product.
  • Explain why no one wants a sales pitch – they want to choose the right design and builder.
  • Examine and get inspired and excited about the industry with a three minute video collage of beautiful pools.


Consumer expectations have dramatically changed over the past five years and Vance Gillette will explain how and why using psychographics. Tap into this science and understand what drives consumer behavior. Use this tool to develop a new approach to client interaction that eliminates the sales pressure from b d, turning the communication into a valuable relationship that will close more deals.


  • PSP Expertise: Landscape Designers
  • PSP Focus: Architect/Designer
  • PSP Level 200

Time/ Credits

2:00 hrs

Instructor TBD