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CONSTRUCTION 301: Advanced Site Work & Forming

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss pre-loading soil for compaction, over- excavation, backfill, soil density testing, and stabilization.
  • Examine full-height forms, one-sided shotcrete forms, two-sided cast-in-place forms and ties.
  • Identify cold joints, waterstops, layout for sequential reinforced concrete construction.
  • Use details, calculations, pre-concrete preparation, form removal and reuse.


This module takes site work and forming to a much higher level. Where CONSTRUCTION 101 addresses basic batter-board forming of a bond-beam at grade, this program shows how full-height forms are constructed to withstand the vibration of shotcrete and the pressure of cast-in-place concrete.


  • Landscape Designers
  • PSP Focus: Architect/Designer
  • PSP Level 200
  • Prerequisite: CONSTRUCTION 101: Layout, Forming & Excavation

Time/ Credits


Instructor Paolo Benedetti, SWD Master

Paolo Benedetti, SWD Master