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CONSTRUCTION 401: Advanced Watershape Construction Design

Learning Objectives

  • Examine Basic Gravity Plumbing, Soil Stabilization, Pier & Beam Foundations, Control & Automation Systems.
  • Identify Mechanical, Venting & Exhaust Systems, Advanced Site Work & Forming.
  • Review Architecturally Integrated Watershapes, Concrete Science, Fire Elements, Glass Tile Installation.
  • Discuss Details – Innovative Aesthetic & Technical Solutions, and Construction at Difficult Sites.


This 3-day program is divided into several modules (see ENGINEERING 301 – 306 and CONSTRUCTION 301 – 307 for specific details) presented by experts in each trade. The program begins with engineering topics such as basic gravity hydraulics, drainage, advanced soil stabilization techniques, pier & beam foundations, control & automation systems, and mechanical design for enclosed equipment rooms and vaults. Vessels integrated with other structures such as roof-top pools are also addressed along with fire elements, glass tile, and other details.


  • PSP Expertise: Landscape Designers
  • PSP Focus: Architect/Designer
  • PSP Level 200
  • Prerequisite: CONSTRUCTION 201: Basic Pool Construction

Time/ Credits

24:00 hrs

Instructor David Peterson, Greg Andrews, Kevin Ruddy, Les Reed, Paolo Benedetti, Terry Brannon & William Drakeley

David J. Peterson, P.E., SWD Master Greg Andrews Kevin Ruddy, SWD Master Leslie G. Reed Paolo Benedetti, SWD Master Terry Brannon, P.E. William T. Drakeley, Jr., SWD Master