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DESIGN 202: SketchUp

Learning Objectives

  • Explain 3-dimensional modeling with Google SketchUp, SketchUp Pro, and LayOut.
  • Define axes, drawing tools, solids, extrusions, layers, styles, painting, 3D Warehouse, and other tools.
  • Recognize plan views, elevations, sections, details, two and three-point perspective views.
  • Examine modeling pools, spas, and other elements for presentation with rendering options.


SketchUp is frequently used by architects in both small offices conceptualizing residential projects as well as large international firms designing commercial developments on a grand scale. The strength of the application is the intuitive interface and modeling simplicity while maintaining dimensional accuracy. Using their own laptop computers, students work through a series of instructional exercises and development of a pool project.


  • PSP Expertise: Landscape Designers
  • PSP Focus: Architect/Designer
  • PSP Level 300

Time/ Credits

16:00 hrs

Instructor Michael Nantz, SWD Master

Michael Nantz, SWD Master