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DESIGN 302: Digital Rendering with SketchUp

Learning Objectives

  • SketchUp styles, sketchy lines, shadows, view considerations.
  • Discuss Photo-realistic IDX Renditioner (3rd party application), and others.
  • Discuss lighting sources, submerged lighting, background lighting, lighting adjustments.
  • Use material textures, reflectivity, matte finishes, water surface texture, transparency.


SketchUp, an amazing three-dimensional modeling system, has some built-in presentation capabilities. But, if you want to move beyond the integrated styles and render with photo-realistic capabilities, then a 3rd party application is your solution. This class will show you how to position the model of your project for the best visual impact, and then make the appropriate adjustments in materials and properties to produce the most realistic looking view of the finished project. DESIGN 202 is a prerequisite for this program. A 64-bit laptop with 8 Gb of RAM is recommended.


  • PSP Expertise: Landscape Designers
  • PSP Focus: Architect/Designer
  • PSP Level 300
  • Required Prerequisite D101
  • This is one of four (D201-D204) optional classes required for the SWD certification.

Time/ Credits

16:00 hrs

Instructor Kate Wiseman

Kate Wiseman, MLA