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ENGINEERING 302: Soil Stabilization

Learning Objectives

  • Identify soil compaction, consolidation, stabilization, and remediation.
  • Identify cement-modified soils, soil-cement base, permeation grouting, compaction grouting, void grouting.
  • Describe leveling differentially settled pools.
  • Discuss limitations of technology and other construction considerations.


Some soils are insufficient to support structures and pier and beam construction may not be the most practical or cost effective solution. Various soil stabilization methods may be the solution. This module provides the student with several options to consider when the geotechnical report indicates that the in situ soil is inadequate to support the structure.


  • PSP Expertise: Landscape Designers
  • PSP Focus: Architect/Designer
  • PSP Level 200
  • Prerequisite: ENGINEERING 102: Geotechnical

Time/ Credits

1:45 hrs

Instructor Les Reed

Leslie G. Reed