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Suggested Tracks depending on the student’s primary job description. These are not requirements – just suggested options:


If you design or present designs in a sales capacity, consider this elective curriculum. Design is a science where natural laws, including audio and visual response, mathematical ratios, and color theory conspire to make a project succeed or, in the case of poor design, fail. We strongly recommend completing the GENESIS® Degree which may include these electives.

Water Feature Designer

Water features differ from pools and spas in many ways and are often used in unsecure locations requiring certain safety considerations. The GENESIS® Degree will provide a thorough set of tools to handle almost any water feature but if you design water features, consider adding these tools to your bag.

Construction Foreman

Construction Foremen are critical to project success. They need to understand the technology of construction materials and methods and deliver them in a fast but organized sequence of choreographed steps. If you are a construction foreman or if you manage foremen, consider this curriculum in addition to the GENESIS® Associate certification.

Business Owner

Business owners have a unique set of challenges they face every day. From operations and liability to cash flow and profitability, the owner is more likely to focus on the business than the details of design, engineering, construction, or service. Business owners are encouraged to learn from our experienced faculty that brings decades of knowledge to the classroom so that you won’t have to learn in the school of hard-knocks.

Retail Store

Many builders in the pool and spa industry have retail and service operations. Intelligent sales personnel should be able to answer technical questions from their customers on everything from chemistry to hydraulic design in the case of equipment replacement. In addition to CPO® and ASTCM certifications discussed below please consider these programs as well.

Commercial Pool Operations

PHTA’s flagship Certified Pool Operator® (CPO®) program instructs tens of thousands of students every year and has helped protect millions of swimmers by reducing hazards at aquatic facilities. A CPO® Certification provides individuals with the basic knowledge, techniques, and skills of pool and spa operations and is the world’s leading verifiable pool and spa training credential.