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Valley Pool & Spa
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Gene Brown

Gene Brown

Valley Pool & Spa
1659 Cary Road
Kelowna, BC V1X 2C1
T (250) 860-2266


Brown is a second-generation pool builder and President of Valley Pool & Spa since 2002. He is Canada’s premier builder of high-end residential and commercial pools and spas. Of particular note is his cast-in-place concrete construction that results in high precision vessels with all-tile interior finishes. From high-rise projects 15 stories above ground to underground pools two stories below grade, Brown has done it all and is the only SWD Master in Canada. He has served the needs of dozens of British Columbia’s hotels, condominiums, casinos, municipalities, and water parks, as well as hundreds of private homeowners.

Some of Gene's More Recent Accomplishments:

• "Art of Water" award from Pool, Spa and Patio magazine, Feb 2009.
• "International Gold Award" for a vanishing edge pool in the Okanagan Valley, Nov 2008.
• Inducted into GENESIS® "Society Of Watershape Designers", Oct 2008
• Certified "SWD Master" of GENESIS® , Nov 2008

Gene and his projects have been featured in many magazines throughout Canada and the US, including:

• Canadian Architecture & Design Magazine
• Pool, Spa and Patio Magazine
• Pool And Spa Marketing Magazine
• Luxury Pools Magazine
• Aqua Magazine
• Pool And Spa News

Gene Brown Education Credits

Level I Design School "1998"
Construction School "1999"
Intro to Drawing School "2005"
Design Schools "2007/2008"
  • Elements of Design
  • Measured Perspective
  • Vocabulary of Architecture and Style
Design Schools "2009"
  • Color Theory
Design Schools "2010"
  • 3-D Computer Drawing Part I & II
Design Schools "2011"
  • 20th Century Architecture
Design Schools "2013"
  • AutoCad
Design Schools "2015"
  • Advanced Design Skills

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Gene Brown Kelowna BC Canada Luxury Pool Designer
Gene Brown Kelowna BC Canada Luxury Pool Designer
Gene Brown Kelowna BC Canada Luxury Pool Designer