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Group Works LLC
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James Scott

James Scott

Group Works LLC
PO Box 7269
Wilton, CT 06897
T (203) 834-7905


When James Scott, owner of Group Works, sits down to design a watershape, he approaches it like a landscape architect does, not as a pool builder. "My design is attuned to the land's broader perspective," explains Scott. "I look at the entire surroundings and do not just focus on the pool." This thoughtful analysis -- from elevation changes within the land to the project's architectural appropriateness -- means that Group Works treats each undertaking as an exclusive fulfillment of the property and of the homeowner's desires.

When it comes to finish materials, Scott strives to break out of the commonalities seen throughout his region. Using glass tiles as an interior surface is the first thing that comes to mind. "Others have been afraid to use glass tiles in the Northeast because of harsh winters, but the real issue is that not all builders are educated on how to work with it," he clarifies.

In addition to aesthetics, Scott focuses on hydraulics and engineering, which enables him to greatly lower the homeowner's after-construction cost.

Not so coincidentally, his approach is environmentally friendly -- by incorporating salt water generators, ozone sanitizers, variable drive pumps and heat exchange systems. "These are all proven and improved-upon technologies, and not to use them seems wasteful and illogical," Scott emphasizes. His alliance with the GENESIS® Design Group enables Scott to share in continuous education.

In addition to being a SWD Master of GENESIS® , Scott belongs to the American Society of Landscape Architects, The American Shotcrete Association and the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals.

His work has appeared in several regional shelter magazines.

James Scott Education Credits

Level 1 Design School "2005"
Pool & Watershape Construction School "2006"
Design Schools "2006"
  • Understanding & Designing Fountains and Waterfeatures
Design Schools "2007/ 2008"
  • Basic Color Theory
  • The Vocabulary of Architecture and Style
  • Measured Perspective
Design Schools "2009"
  • Advanced Fluid Engineering
Design Schools "2011"
  • 20th Century Architecture
Design Schools "2013"
  • Basic Fluid Engineering
Major Renovation School "2017"
Design Schools "2019"
  • Cost Estimating

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James Scott Wilton Connecticut Luxury Pool Designer
James Scott Wilton Connecticut Luxury Pool Designer
James Scott Wilton Connecticut Luxury Pool Designer