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Testimonials about Genesis University® Pool Designer, Pool Builder, Landscape Architect education programs

"I loved the courses and it is a great start for making my company a true professional in our area."

Doug Marunde, Arvidson Pool & Spas, Crystal Lake, IL.

"There isn't a person in our industry that would not benefit from this school. I wasn't sure what this school could offer to someone with almost 30 years of pool building experience, but I found the courses to be well structured, well taught and enlightening. When you think you know everything, let the pros at GENESIS® expand your horizons yet again."

Bud Sudhop, Aqua Vision Consulting, Doylestown, PA.

"I'm encouraged that there is now a massive swell of quality pool builders in the industry of which I am included. Excellent in content and I anticipate more involvement in the future educational opportunities."

Kirk Gibbs, Morehead Pools, Shreveport, LA.

"I have the greatest respect for this program and the instructors for sharing so much of their knowledge and experience."

Neil Boyce, Boulder Builders, Atlanta, GA.

"It's about time! As a landscape architect, I truly feel that if you don't know how to build something - you have no business designing it! This course should be mandatory for all watershape designers."

Shawn Burch, STB Landscape Architects, Redlands, CA.